Why is Lost Arts Research Institute Offering Karatbars (gold for savings and income) To Our Listeners?


As I have mentioned several times on the air during our radio shows, I have been looking at different ways we could raise money to keep the educational work going and expand it to reach more people, plus work toward building the physical facility we want to create.  I have been all the rejecting the money-raising ideas so far, because every one of them has been flawed in some way, or did not feel honest and ethical.  In fact, when Karatbars was first suggested, I rejected that too, since in general I am highly allergic to MLM's (multi-level marketing).

For several months I kept saying no to Karatbars, as I have seen too often that people getting into MLM's become obnoxious, pushy salespeople that make believe they really like you and want to talk to you, but all they want is you in their "organization" so they can make more passive income.  I said "they can keep it."  Then a few days ago, I was explaining to one of our guests that the economic system is being intentionally destroyed by our rulers, who intend us to become totally dependent and helpless, stuck in poverty so we have to do whatever they say.  I was explaining that we need to get gold and silver back into circulation as widely as possible, as quickly as possible, into as many hands as possible, to lessen the impact of their planned collapse.  I could see this plain as day, and I still do.

But how to do it, as silver gets heavy to carry around if you have much of it, and gold coins are too expensive for most people.  Most of them are worth too much to use in an emergency for food and other essentials, no one would give change so it would not work.

Karatbars seems to have a good answer.  They are small, affordable, convenient, recognizable, secure and very hard to counterfeit.  Yes, they cost more per ounce than gold coins, but they are cheap enough so most people can buy them.  They are like buying storable food, except they are storable money.  The founders of America considered gold as money, not paper.  There was good reason for that, as it seems we are about to find out again.  Before that happens, karatbars gives us a chance to buy gold in small, affordable pieces, that could be used if and when things get bad, to help keep us alive.

Now for the MLM problem.  Yes, Karatbars is an MLM.  It could help keep the Lost Arts project going and expanding.  It can also provide an income for you.  It's all explained in the videos you can watch, below.  So listen, if you decide to do it, go ahead and make as much money as you can and put it to good use.  I want to see all the good people connected to as much wealth and resources as possible, to use for their own benefit and that of others.  But please, if you promote karatbars to make money, which you can certainly do, don't be obnoxious.  Find a way to offer it to those who would want it, but do NOT pressure them with memorized scripts or all the tools most MLM's use to make people feel like they have to buy in to the program.  There are plenty of people out there who would love a chance to get into karatbars, and some will want to do the income part too.  So find them, don't pressure the others.  That can remove the drawbacks that I have seen with MLM's.

Gold is not just a great product, it is urgently needed.  By the time everyone finds out, it will be too late and too expensive.  If this appeals to you, to save in gold as your budget allows, or to save and also generate income from karatbars, learn the system thoroughly.  I will help out if there are questions.  When enough of you get involved, I'll set up a weekly group meeting to help all those involved, and we'll probably do it on blog talk, right where the show is, but on a different day.

First you have to see if you are interested, and if you want the income part, and need my help with questions.  Let me know, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I have verified, you can make very substantial income from karatbars, and you will help Lost Arts Research Institute at the same time.  After several months of vetting it myself, at this point it looks like a good thing to me.  Watch the videos, understand the system, and see what you think.

Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
Essene teacher and consultant

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Karatbars - Easy Way To Generate Income | Inexpensive Way To Build Savings In Gold

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